Students experience various learning domains. The curriculum is compatible with Diocesan Policy, school philosophy and the standards (Common Core State Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, etc.). Infused in all subject areas is a focus on Catholic values and faith development aimed at commitment to the message of Christ and service to others. 

Blended Learning

Blended Learning is an innovative educational approach that blends individualized, online learning, teacher-led classroom instruction, and collaborative student-led activities. Blended Learning follows the Station Rotation approach, where instruction is delivered via three main stations: (1) traditional teacher-led instruction, (2) collaborative small group activities, and (3) individualized computer and online instruction and assessment using our iPads. Blended Learning follows the Station Rotation model, which means students receive direct, small group instruction from the teachers, personalized assessments via iPads, and collaborate with fellow students in small group learning activities. Students have more opportunities to ask direct questions of teachers and teachers have the capability of driving instruction based on immediate feedback from online assessments of students.The following subject areas comprise St. Mary School’s curriculum:

*Note that we “adapt” rather than “adopt” standards in the Diocese of San Diego.   Adaptation means that we analyze standards for alignment to our Catholic faith and infuse them with Catholic values as appropriate.