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On behalf of Safeway and Vons, eScrip makes the following announcement:

eScrip Card Program
Safeway and Vons have been proud supporters of our local schools through the eScrip program for over 16 years. In fact, Safeway and Vons have donated over $300 Million to support schools and education-based programs like yours. After a great deal of careful thought and consideration, Safeway and Vons have decided to conclude their association with eScrip as the mechanism to donate to local organizations. The  program  officially ended on August 1, 2015.  Safeway and Vons remain committed to supporting organizations and charities that are most important to their customers. However, rather than a centrally managed single program like eScrip, Safeway’s local operating divisions will have the authority to manage their own donation programs to schools as well as a range of other charitable causes – based on the direct feedback they receive from the communities we serve.  We will continue to support local schools as well as a range of other charitable programs including cancer prevention and treatment, supporting our veterans, hunger relief, and assisting people with disabilities through grants and will continue to honor our commitment to serving the communities in which we operate.
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