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St. Mary School when you shop.


Scrip defined means “substitute money”. Scrip is gift cards from over 300 local and national retailers. Participating retailers agree to sell gift cards to St. Mary School at a discount. When our community members buy the cards at full face value and redeem the cards at full face value our school keeps the difference as revenue. This is an ongoing “no selling” fundraiser that requires no additional costs only some thought to personal shopping habits. Raise money by shopping with gift cards for everyday purchases like food, clothing, entertainment, home improvement or business needs. Simply purchase Scrip cards, for your favorite retailers to use on your next shopping trip.

How do I purchase Scrip?

Shop online at using the Prestopay* (auto debit) feature until 11pm Sunday night. Enter our St. Mary School code: E76DB9829825.

OR Shop online at but submit payment to the school office by 9a.m. Monday morning.  Enter our St. Mary School code: E76DB9829825. 

Regardless of how you choose to order your Scrip cards, all orders are finalized by 9:30 Monday morning with the target delivery day of Wednesday afternoon.  Scrip orders will be sent home, with your child, in the bright green Scrip envelope.

Can I get Scrip any quicker?

Yes!  Use “MyScripWallet” to have electronic Scrip brands immediately available on your mobile device (must have Prestopay*) .

OR  Select from 280 brands of ScripNOW! that can be ordered any time, at, and delivered electronically via email (must have Prestopay*) .

OR   Choose from 80 Reload brands, to reload an existing Scrip card, at (must have Prestopay*) .

OR  Limited supplies of the most popular Scrip cards may be available in the office for purchase from Lisa Huelskamp.

* Prestopay allows payment for your order instantly, by electronic debit, using the secure ACH process. Prestopay takes several business days to set up and must be established prior to using MyScripWallet, ScripNOW!, and Reload functions.  A nominal surcharge of 15 cents (less than the cost of a postage stamp) is added to MyScripWallet, ScripNOW!, and Reload purchases.

Can I pay with a credit card?                                                                              

Yes. Payment by credit card can only be made in the school office with Lisa Huelskamp.  Credit card information may be kept on file, in the school office, with authorization to use for payment of your Scrip orders.

I have many questions about Scrip…where can I get more answers?                

Your St. Mary School Scrip coordinators, Donna Jauregui and Jessica Perkins, are available to answer your Scrip questions and/or assist setting up your online account. Reach Donna and Jessica by email at or contact the school office, at (760)743-3431, to receive a call back.

OR Go to where easy to understand instructional / informative explanations and videos are available.  Setting up an online account provides access to quick ordering, the most current retailer lists, and personal purchase and rebate history.