3rd Grade – Mr. Fishburne – 2.25.19



Hello 3rd Grade Families,

The 3rd grade class is responsible for the school’s weekend mass in March. The mass will be on March 10th at 5:30pm, and I do expect every member of the 3rd grade to be present. Our grade will be responsible for carrying out a variety of tasks during mass. Different students will be bringing the gifts to the altar, presenting the readings and prayers of the faithful, and so on…

Additionally, our class will serve as members of the choir.  The weekend masses have become my responsibility this year, and for our 3rd grade mass, I want to have a strong choir that the congregation could hear and enjoy. The kids have all been learning the songs throughout this week and are very excited to serve in the mass. So, they will all be singing the in choir loft with me on the 10th!

I will send a reminder as we get closer to the date, but I ask that all of our students be in the choir loft at 5:00pm on March 10th.

Many students are already asking to sing a solo, do a reading, or design the song-sheets, so please let me know ASAP if anyone is not able to make it. They will all be involved in some way, but I would be so sad if I had to watch a student rehearse their part of the mass only to find out they couldn’t attend.

I am very much looking forward to this mass, and I hope to see you all there.

Thank you,

Mr. Fishburne