Kinder Newsletter for October 9, 2015

This week we met with our school families for Rosary. Fr. Scott has asked that all families pray the rosary together nightly. I sent home in your child’s folder a copy of the Rosary prayers. If your child has a rosary please do not send it to school, it is often a distraction and is swung around often hitting another child. For now we will just practice learning the prayers. Thank you for your cooperation.


Math pages: 43-46, due October 16.

Sound Bag for the Letter Ff.

Student sharing will begin on Monday. See your child’s home folder for their specific day.

SUPERSTAR: ELLA (bring your photo album and something for sharing each day)


We learned how God made the water and that we need to take care of its resources. We also discussed this Sunday’s Gospel.





This week we read Different Just Like Me and Dandelion for the letter Dd. Along with Eagles for the letter Ee, we are working on the initial long vowel sound of Ee such as ear, easel, eel, eagle, eat, earring etc.


Chapter 1 unit test and assessment has been returned to you and the grades have been recorded in Gradelink. Math homework pages will also be recorded in Gradelink. We will begin Chapter 4 on Monday. MATH HOMEWORK PAGES. 43-46, due October 16.

Cooking We made Easy Mac for the letter Ee.


We are learning about dinosaurs, such as herbivores, carnivores and various dinosaur names.

Enjoy your weekend!

God Bless,   Mrs. Taylor