First Grade Blog – October 5, 2015

First Grade Newsletter–       Mrs. Bonica     October 5- October 9, 2015


Dear Parents,

THANK YOU SO MUCH for the many delicious donations that you sent for our Kindergarten/First Grade Bake Sale. Your help working at the Bake Sale was also greatly appreciated by Mrs. Taylor and I. Special thanks to Mrs. Ratliff, Mrs. Goodwin, Mrs. Quintero and Mrs. Versace who definitely did not get anything done in their own lives on those two days because they spent them with us at SMS! All of your donations, efforts and time resulted in a profit of over $650 dollars ! I would also like to send a special thank you to Mrs. Ariana Marquez who has a daughter in seventh grade. She donated many delicious homemade treats to be sold. We are so blessed to have her help.


News for the week…..



Please go on the Gradelink site and download your child’s Progress Report using the password given to you at Back to School Night. Please sign the copy of the report and return it to school by Tuesday, Oct. 6th so that I know that you have seen it. If you have any questions about grades please contact me so that we can discuss your concerns.


Spelling:    Short u words: up, run but, gum bus nut, pup, tub, fun, sun, saw,

by, have, five, pink, funny, log, dot, top, hot

  1. I saw the pup run up the hill.       2. I have fun in the tub.

Homework- Mon. Tues. and Wed.: copy words two times each.

Thurs.- Take a practice test at home and have a parent sign it and return it to me. Your child can practice any words that they do not know but that does not have to be returned to me.


Religion: Chapter: The Great Commandment


Reading: Our lesson this week includes some Curious George stories. We will discuss how punctuation affects our voices when we read. We will identify what a verb is and what a multiple-meaning word is.


Math:   We have been working on number order and comparison of numbers with

the >, < and = signs. Please review number words and ordinal words at home as you go over their work from school. We are working on addition facts through 12 this week. Again I ask that you purchase and practice math addition and later subtraction flash cards so that your child will memorize them. We will practice them at school but if you make it part of your homework routine each night I think that this will help a great deal.


Science: We talked about the four seasons and the weather during those seasons.

This week we will paint some fall leaves to decorate our classroom.


Please continue to encourage your child to always print neatly and carefully. I am seeing improvement in this area. Thank you again for all of your help at home. Have a great week!   God Bless.

Mrs. Bonica