2nd Grade Newsletter


This week we began chapter 2, We Celebrate God’s Love. We learned that God always loves us and always offers forgiveness. We accept God’s love when we are sorry for our sins and we celebrate God’s mercy in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. This sacrament forgives sins committed after Baptism. We learned of the Forgiving Father understanding that in Jesus’ parable, God is the father in the story and we are the son. God will always welcome us back no matter how far we stray. On Wednesday we celebrated a Prayer Service with Deacon Kostick presiding.


Language Arts-Unit 1.2 Mi Familia/My Family

This week our Anchor Text selection was the information text, Mi Familia, My Family and our paired selection was Family Poetry.   Our comprehension target skill was Comparing and Contrasting and the comprehension strategy was Asking Questions. Good readers continually ask questions as the read.   Our phonics and spelling lessons were words following a CVC pattern with short vowels (o, u, e). Our Grammar lesson introduced Simple Sentences.  A sentence must have a subject, a predicate, and it needs to make sense. Subjects and predicates continue to be a challenge and we will continue to revisit these before we have mastery. The spelling list for next week is included with this newsletter. The words your student will be tested on are highlighted below. Please print out the list so your student has ready access to the spelling words for their weekly spelling homework.



The math lessons this week included adding numbers with sums to 12, using the reading strategy of rereading to help solve math problems, understanding the Commutative Property to solve and write related addition facts, using the count on strategy to find sums, and adding numbers with sums to 20.


Science and Social Studies

In science the students learned of the many different types of tools that are used in The World of Science. Understanding that a tool is something that’s helps scientists do what they need to do. They carefully describe what they see and do to tell each other exactly what happened. We also used a Balance Scale to see how many pennies it would take to balance a marker. In social studies the students were assessed on Studies Weekly, week 2 concepts of Where is the United States?



Grading Weekly Reading Packets: The student’s weekly reading packets are seat work. I give two points per page. I also give a point for neatness, and a point for following the directions and checking their work.

Reading Tests: Weekly reading tests are given to assess the student’s knowledge of each week’s unit concepts. Attached to each student’s test, is the test record form for your student’s knowledge of the weekly concepts. I did not enter any grades for the 1.1 unit, except for the unit 1.1 spelling test. I wanted the student’s to understand the procedures and expectations first. Unit 1.2 will be the first grades entered for the first quarter.







Wednesday Kindergarten and First Grade Bake Sale











M- F



Picture Make-Up Day

Picture Make-up Day

Progress Reports go home; Noon Dismissal

Student of the Week – Riley Hill

Rosary Day – Noon Dismissal





Standardized Testing

Standardized Testing Make-ups

10/22 Thursday Team Day
10/27 Tuesday Language Arts volunteers begin in the classroom
10/ 28 Wednesday Sixth and Seventh Grade Bake Sale
10/30 Friday All Saints Day Pageant


Unit 1.3

Spelling Words

High Frequency Words  

Target Vocabulary Words

cake city hairy  
mine full mammals  
plate no litter  
size other stayed  
ate places canned  
grape put chews  
prize school clipped  
wipe sing coat  
race think    
line this    



Bible Verse of the Week

“If anyone wishes to be first, he shall be the last of all and the servant of all.” Mark 9:35b