First Grade Blog-September 21, 2015

First Grade Blog-       September 21- September 25, 2015

                                 Mrs. Bonica

Dear Parents,

      Well, with this heat I am back to praying for rain! I think that this week will be cooler. California kids are so amazed by the rain it is hard to calm them down. Every puddle calls out their name!


BAKE SALE:       Wednesday September 30th

We have decided to combine the First Grade Bake Sale with the Kindergarten Bake Sale since we have smaller class sizes. We will need your help to make this a success. I am hoping that each family can send in a food donation of some kind and work during the bake sale if you can. The busiest times are recess from 10:15-10:45 and then again at lunchtime from 12:00-12:50. Please consider helping us out if possible. Your children love to see you at school, too. There will be sign up sheets or you can email me if you can help.

SPELLING: Short i words:

pig   in   his   it   is   him   big   win   did   all   too   one   red   for   he   what   look have   sit       1. The pig is big.     2. Did Dad win?

Homework- copy each word 2 times each. Thursday complete a practice test and sign and return for Friday.


TEAM DAY– the first Team Day with team shirts and jeans will be on Thursday. Children will meet their new school parent and family. It should be fun!


Rosary begins next Thursday October 1st. so please make sure that your child has a rosary in school.


Progress Reports are next week. I have already entered some grades on Gradelink. Remember that smile charts, homework completion and reading log go toward their grades.


Math– We are working on number facts and doing small timed tests each morning. It would be great if your child could memorize the facts through 12 this year. Please help by doing flash cards each night.


I will try to get the phone number for the music program director since some of you had questions. This is the first year that first graders have been included.

Have a terrific week.!


Mrs. Eileen Bonica