Our Lady of Fatima, Pray for Us

Our Lady of Fatima

Social Studies

In the beginning of the week our church was blessed with a visit by the International Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Our Lady of Fatima.  Before the visit we learned about the story of the three children of Fatima and viewed a quick video on other cultures who honor Mary through the statue’s visit.  We also talked a bit about the importance of the rosary.  In the upcoming week we will read the story in language arts as a follow up to this visit. 


This week we focused on how to read a textbook.  Ask your students what it means to “Read before you read.”  They should be able to show you a good way to get their minds ready to receive information in a text.  I shared with them that this was how I read textbooks in college and it is an invaluable skill to learn. 


Language Arts:

In Language Arts this week we have been focusing on how to fill out the study guide for the 5-A-Day homework.  Students are not required to do the homework on sections that I have not reviewed with them yet.  This weekend they will get their first real homework assignment.  They have high-lighted the problems they are responsible for.  Their first assignment will be due on Tuesday. 


While we continue to focus on getting our routine down students have been learning how to observe life like a writer.  On a daily basis, students come into the classroom and have about 10 minutes of uninterrupted time to simply write.  I have a writing prompt slide that is filled with interesting details such as facts, quotes, and words of the day. This will be a routine they can enjoy throughout the year.



Upcoming Events:

  • Tuesday: Band demo next week (do we have any musician’s out there?)
  • Friday: Noon dismissal


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