First Grade Blog-June 8, 2015

First Grade Blog     June 8- June 12, 2015

Dear Parents,

This is our last week and there are a few things to be aware of.

 Schedule: Monday-full day     Fly up day at 9-9:30   Regular dismissal

               Tuesday- regular dismissal time,   Volunteer brunch -9:15

               Wednesday- 8 am mass,   12:00 dismissal   8th Grade Graduation

               Thursday- 3:00 dismissal   Ice cream party in the pm

               Friday- 8 am mass with 10:00 dismissal, No AM/PM after school

Things to bring in:

  1. We will be doing a lot of cleaning this week so please send your child in with a rag or cloth so we can clean desks, chairs, etc. We will be discarding them when we are done.


  1. I have things to give to the children that will be too much for the backpacks. Please continue to send the children with backpacks but they will also need a big bag (brown grocery bag with handles would be great).


SUMMER PACKETS: Each child will be receiving a packet that they will need to complete over the summer and return to their new teacher in September. These will be graded by their new teacher.

It is so important for the children to read each day during the summer so they can maintain and improve their reading skills. I cannot emphasize this enough.It would be good for the children to continue to write something in their journals over the summer, too.


HOMEWORK: There are no spelling words this week. I will place some homework in the folders to be completed. Please practice concepts of money (penny, nickel, dime, quarter) and telling time with the children now and throughout the summer.


Thursday- Ice Cream Sundae party–   Thursday     2:30

Mrs. Rodriguez talked to me about a party for Thursday and I have always done a make your own sundae party. I think that she was going to send a note home about this but we will need water, bowls, spoons, ice cream and assorted toppings . There will be a sheet outside the door to indicate any donations that you can make for the party. If you can’t make it into school then please email me and we will add your name to the list.

If you write your name on your donation it will be easy to get any leftovers back to you.

Thanks so much for your help with this!



The trip to the library on Friday was great and I know all of the children and parents had fun. They have a great summer- reading incentive program planned which is outlined on the forms that I sent home on Friday. The children can get some great rewards just for reading. On some Thursday afternoons there will be entertainment in the library so I suggest that you save and post that literature from them . The setting is beautiful and spacious. It has changed since I was there the last time. Children under 10 must go with a parent but there are plenty of things for parents to read, too! If your child does not have a card yet you or someone over 18 will need to fill out the form and go with your child to sign up. It is a great place, please take advantage of it if you haven’t already.


Well, that is all for now. I have a bit of a hard time at this time of year. I have loved this year with your children and I feel privileged that I could spend first grade with them. Thank you for that opportunity , I am truly, truly grateful.




Mrs. Eileen Bonica