CONGRATULATIONS ! Madison has a new baby sister !      Brooklyn Malvar was born on Saturday, May 23rd.       Hooray, Werlcome and God Bless !

SPELLING: Lesson 30: boat  soap  road  goat  coat  toad  soak  loaf    coach  another  funny  call  every  found  west  brother  around  before  think  bring    1. The girl saw snow on the road.        2.  The coach said he was out.     3.  We had to soak our feet after the hike.

Homework:   Monday- words 2 times each.      Tuesday-   Write and illustrate  12 words, math      Wednesday-  Comprehension activity   Thurs: pretest, math

Religion- We will continue our talks about the sacrament and discuss Penance and Reconciliation this week.

Math: Money- penny, nickel, dime , quarter

Reading – We read a story about the astronauts.  We will write a biography about ourselves.

Science-  Children will give their ocean animal reports and share their Recycled Ocean Animal beginning on Tuesday , May 26th.

I will be calling the Escondido Library this week to see if we can take a trip there and get library cards for the children that do not have them yet. If you do not live in Escondido I encourage you to go to your local library and get your child a card.  Children forget so much during the summer so it is crucial that they continue to read every day. Having a library card and looking forward to a trip to the library and the many book choices there will be a great motivator for reading. If I can arrange this then I will need a few drivers to get us there. More info to follow…

Have a terrific week and God Bless !

Mrs. Bonica