Thank You and Welcome Again

Thank you everyone for your kind words on the PTG Meeting. It was really nice talking to you parents and I’m glad you liked the St. Mary School website. Keep us bookmarked as more features and improvements are coming as we go along.

I’m not sure why I didn’t think of this but I’m glad one parent had a very useful suggestion which I’ve just added right now. The teacher’s email address is now available on the top of their class/teacher page. Which makes very good sense as viewers would not have to go back to the Teacher Contacts page to email them should a question come up. I will find a better way of doing this in the future. So thank you very much for the suggestion.
Also, for the next couple of days, you might see some minor layout changes. I am still trying to move around elements to better fit the updates and pages. So one day you might see the time and date of when the update was posted on the top and the next day you might see it on the bottom.

For teachers, you now have a Signature field. This was suggested by Mrs. Johnston and I agree that this would be a nice feature. Right now it shows up on single post view and not on multi-posts/teacher page view. This might change in the future though.