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First Grade Blog-4/27/2015


 Dear Parents,

 Spelling:   Review Week:   lunch   glad   there   from   these   chin   ship   shoe   which   while   before   can’t   never   third   school   because   clock   please   friend   pretty   morning   teach   child   1. I had a drink in my lunch at school.  2. I can’t find my shoe.   3. My friend is never late because he has a clock.

Homework: Mon. write words 2 times each.   Tues. – Give a rhyme for each word and go on “First in Math”   Wed.- Make a sentence for 8 words. Use more than one spelling word in each sentence if you can.  Thurs.: Do a practice test, complete some math homework.


The children will come home with the direction sheet for our sea animal project this week. Please make sure that this is a project done by your child with your help. Part of the grade is the explanation of what materials were used and the process that was used to make the project. One year I asked a child about a part of their project and they replied “I don’t know, my Mom did that part after I went to bed.” Of course I know that first graders need help with this project but it is one of my motivations to have you share in the planning and completion of the project. I am asking that you do it together, it can be quite fun. Thanks so much!

We will be going to Seaworld in a few weeks and I will send home that info as soon as I set the date.

FIRST COMMUNION:  Saturday May 2, 2015 at the 9:00 mass.  If you would like to share in this lovely event and see what is in store for you for next year, please feel free to come to the mass.

 MAY CROWNING                Tuesday May 5, 2015              7:15

This is a mandatory activity for Grades 1-8 and a beautiful evening. First graders have a special part in that they escort the eighth grade girls down the aisle to crown Mary. Each child must be in their Sunday best, no sneakers, no sleeveless dresses, no shorts. Girls must wear socks, stockings or tights and closed toe shoes. We will meet in our classroom between 6:30-6:45 and then will join the 8th graders. If you have any questions please let me know.

Our caterpillars are eating and eating and growing and growing. The children are very excited to watch the progress of it all.

Friday- single session day

Have a great week and God Bless.