Kinder Newsletter for April 17, 2015

Please sign up to volunteer at our Bake Sale on Wednesday, April 22. There is a sign up sheet by my classroom door or email Emily Johnson and let her know how you would like to help out. Items can be store bought and Peterson’s Doughnuts are always a big hit!

Third Quarter report cards went home today, please sign and return them ASAP.

A field trip permission slip went home today, for the San Pasqual High School Farm Days. Drivers/Chaperones are needed, but I can only accommodate 8 parents. We will attend their program and then picnic at Kit Carson Park.

HOMEWORK: Please practice the reading/sight word list your child has been given

Math: Workbook pages 38-40.

Please have your child read to you or read with your child each night for at least 20 minutes.

SUPERSTAR: We have completed the class!

Religion We learned about Ordinary time in the church year. We also discussed this Sunday’s Gospel.

Reading This week we read The Tiny Seed, Apples and The Little Apple Seed.

 Math We completed Chapter 3 with our final assessment. We will move onto Chapter 9 and money on Monday.


Cooking No cooking this week, but we did do apple tasting and graphed which apples our class liked best (Green and Yellow were a tie!).


Science/Social Studies

We began our unit on plant life. Learning about the life cycle of an apple tree and what plants need to grow – soil, water, air and sunlight.


God Bless,


Mrs. Taylor