First Grade Blog-4-13-2015

First Grade Blog- April 13- April 17, 2015


Dear Parents,


Welcome back from our Easter break and what beautiful weather we had! Oh, sorry, I forgot, we’re in San Diego, it is always like this.

Anyway, here are some words about our coming week.


Flat Stanley and his journal are due back this Monday, 4/13. The children will begin sharing their journals and hearing about what Stanley has been up to for the past 2 months.


Religion- We will be reading and talking about what happened in the time after the Resurrection. FYI, there is a 12 week mini series on NBC called A.D. which deals with the early days of the church. It began last Sunday and continues for the next 11 Sundays from 9-10 PM. It is a continuation of the program from last year called “The Bible” . I know that this is too late for the first graders but perhaps parents might be interested and could share it with the children at another time. It is mentioned in the Diocesan newspaper The Southern Cross.


Reading- Our unit this week is about the seasons. Some of the skills that we will discuss are contractions, digraphs, suffixes of s, ed, ing. We will also be discussing the meaning of subjects and verbs.


Spelling- words will focus on the ch and tch sounds.

Words: inch, chin, chip, chop, chess, lunch, ranch, bench, cheer, chick, long, soon, school, down, out, teach, child, church, sunny, branch. Sentences: 1. We will work after we eat lunch. 2. Some of the men on the ranch play chess. 3. We may sit on the bench in the park.  

Homework: Mon.- write words 2 times each. Tues.- Write a rhyme for each spelling word, study all of the words. Wed.- Make up 6 sentences using the spelling words. Use more than one word in each sentence if you can and underline the spelling word. Thurs.-Do a practice test and study for the test.


Math: Facts for 12 -20. Please continue to practice the number facts through 20. There will be math homework on two nights in the folders.


Science: We will learn about butterflies and metamorphosis.


Special Events:   SAN DIEGO SYMPHONY– Monday 4/13 at 1:30 – 2:15

Report Cards are available on Friday, April 17th on Gradelink.