St. Mary School New Calendar Tips

Hi again everyone,

First, my apologies for any inconvenience the calendar crash may have caused you. I was something none of us could have predicted and avoided. However, now that we have a new calendar, hopefully everything goes well from here.

I would like to go over some features of the new calendar with everyone. Just some tips and tricks to make your calendar navigation easier and faster.

So let’s start with the mini calendar widget on the front page.

Mini Calendar

The event list from the old calendar has now been replaced with a mini calendar preview. The current day is highlighted with a green background. Normal weekdays have a very light gray background while weekends have a mid-tone gray background. Days with events have a dark gray background and a blue number on it. If you click on the calendar name, ST. MARY SCHOOL EVENTS CALENDAR it will take you to the school’s main calendar.

Mini Dropdown

Clicking on days that have events will give you a small window describing the event. Some events will have descriptions about it and some do not, however all should have the title of the event as well as the date and time if applicable. If there are more than one event for that day, the mini calendar will give you multiple windows right on top of each other so you can see all the events for that day. Clicking on the “more” link inside the small window will take you to that specific event’s page. Clicking on the red “X” will close all the small event windows.

Mini Jump

To navigate to a different month in the mini calendar, click on the month drop-down menu, click on the desired month you wish to navigate to and then click the “Go” button. this can also be used to navigate through the years.

The tips above should get you up and running on doing a quick check on the calendar without going into the main calendar page. For the main calendar page, you can follow along here.

Please note that the main calendar does not fit on cellphone screens properly at this time. If you’re having a hard time viewing the main calendar on your mobile device, click on the “List” button on the top left (in-between the navigation buttons and the month drop-down button).

Main Calendar

On the top of the calendar, you can navigate just as you would with the mini calendar. You can also use the next and previous arrows on the upper left to jump to the next or previous month. The main calendar has a similar color scheme with the mini calendar except each events are categorized in different colors. The corresponding event colors are blues are activities, greens are notable schedules or schedule changes, reds are no classes (vacations and/or holidays), purples are meetings and yellows are special events.

Week View
Clicking on the “Week” button on the top bar gives you a “Week View.”
Clicking on the “Day” button on the top bar gives you a “Day View.”

I’m still looking for an easier navigation between days and weeks on both the Day and Week View. For now you can only navigate using the next and previous button. Hopefully there’s a way to change this soon.

Main Drop-down

Similar to the mini calendar slicking on the event title will open up a window containing the description of the event. However, as stated, not all events have descriptions on them. Clicking on the “More” link inside the window will take you to that event’s page. Clicking the red “X” icon closes the description window. Be sure to check certain events, as some of them have exact time starts and ends.

Hopefully everyone will have an easier time navigating around the new St. Mary School calendar. There may be new features coming in the future, but this is all I can share for now. Event schedules are managed by the school so I may not be able to answer questions about those, but feel free to contact me with any concerns or comments about the calendar in general.

Many thanks for your patience and hope you all have a wonderful and blessed day.