Kinder Newsletter January 9, 2015

Thank you all so very much for the Christmas cards, gifts and the class gift that I received from all of you for Christmas, it was a wonderful surprise!

Day 100 is on February 12! We will have many activities that day including a Day 100 project that your child will complete at home. I will send home instructions for the project on Monday.

Please send in 1 empty Pringles can (5.64 oz size) by Monday, January 19 for an art project


Rr Sound Bag

Math workbook: Pgs. 84-88

Blue and Yellow Reading groups practice reading the words that have been sent home

Please read with your child each night for at least 20 minutes.

SUPERSTAR: Grace – bring your photo album and sharing each day!

Religion We discussed the Epiphany and Jesus’ life as a young boy. We also discussed bullying and what is means to be a bully, along with what to do if your child feels that they are being bullied.

Reading  This week we read Pocahontas, and The Quilt Story, Roxaboxen and Rainbow Crow for the letters Pp, Qq, and Rr.

Math  We have been working on counting objects and writing numbers. We will begin chapter 7 on Monday.


Cooking   We made Rice Crispy treats for the letter Rr.

Science/Social Studies  We will begin our unit on the planets and the solar system on Monday.

Happy New Year!

Mrs. Taylor