First Grade News 10-27-2014

First Grade News-                     October 27- October 31, 2014

 Hi Parents,

 Thank you for going to all of the effort dressing your children up for Spirit Week. They were so proud of how they looked and as someone who lived through the 60’s it was so fun to have a first grader give me the Peace sign and say “Peace out” to me! It was a crazy week and lots of fun.

 Some news for the week:

 Spelling words: up run but gum bus nut pup tub fun sun saw by have five pin my here who all does

  1. I saw the pup run up the hill. 2. I have fun in the tub.

 Religion: We will be talking about the Church year and discuss what happens in each of the church times.

 Reading: We will practice words containing the short u sound as in umbrella. We will learn about what a neighborhood is and talk about our own neighborhoods. We will read from leveled readers and practice writing sentences about what we have read.

 Math: we will receive practice with addition facts with 3 addends and with problem solving.

 Social Studies: will involve more discussion about what you will find in a neighborhood:

 Halloween- On Friday we will have a cookie decorating party. The children do not wear costumes. I am hopeful that parents will send in some decorating items like M and M’s, licorice, icing, etc to put on the cookies. Friday is a single session day as we are continuing to prepare for WASC.      

 ALL SAINTS DAY- Friday after the 9 am mass the second graders will be teaching us all about the saint of their choice. It is such a precious day and I encourage you to join us!

 Have a great and holy week.

 Mrs. Bonica