First Grade News- 10-20-2014

Weekly Blog for First Grade- !0/20/2014


Dear Parents,

 Here are a few of the things that you will need to know for this week.

 t is Red Ribbon Week and Spirit Week and we will be concerned about healthy bodies and how we can keep ourselves healthy through food and exercise.  Each day the children can wear something different. The list of what can be worn is on the website.  

Tomorrow, Monday,  we can wear red clothing. Tuesday – wear 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s clothing.  Wednesday- wear sunglasses, Thursday- Pajama Day and Friday- to be announced.

 On Wednesday we will have a visit from a fireman and he will bring his fire truck . He will be discussing what to do if a fire occurred in our homes. I have asked him to talk about his uniform and mask and why they are important to help protect him as he is protecting us in a fire. Children are sometimes afraid of a fireman dressed in full gear and sometimes run away or hide in a closet or under a bed so this discussion should be helpful. We have Mrs. Sandy Bauer, Fire Inspector  for the Escondido Fire Department to thank for organizing this great opportunity for us! She is the grandmother of Riley Hill in our class . Riley’s parents are also firefighters so thank you to them as well for all they do to protect us!  Please try to find the time to have a family fire drill and discuss with your child what the best escape route is and where the closest door to the outside is. You should also choose a meeting place outside your home in the event of a fire,  that the whole family would go to.  Did you know that October is Fire Prevention month? This was the anniversary of the Chicago fire of 1871  where it is said that Mrs. O’Leary’s cow kicked over a lantern and started the fire that destroyed Chicago. (This was never proven by the way). It resulted in changes and improvements to the way fires were fought. O’Leary is my maiden name and I have been asked all my life whether it was my cow that started the fire! We have been spending  some time talking about fire prevention this week.

 Spelling Words: Short o-   log jog mop hot frog mom rock pond doll drop eight green said they eat sing do   find no funny

Sentences: 1. I will jog to the pond.      2. The rat and frog will have fun.

 Please follow the same homework routine we have been following.  

 Religion: We will discuss what Jesus expects of us, to be good to God, to ourselves and to our neighbor. We will also talk about the church calendar.

 Reading- We will continue to practice words with the short o sound and we will read several stories containing this sound. Other concepts that we will focus on are  grammar, verbs, story sequencing, and learning the parts of a sentence.  The children will write some short paragraphs about their families and about their activities at school.

 Mathematics- We will continue to work on addition concepts, adding doubles and using an addition table. We will work on using problem solving skills and talking about strategies to get an answer to a specific problem.  

 Science- We will discuss the 4 seasons and the changes that occur during each one.

 Social Studies- We will read in our book about the different kinds of families there are and what they have in common and how they are different. We will share information and write a paragraph about own families.

 Your children are so special to me, I really love my class this year. They are hard workers and always interested in learning new things. We always talk about treating each other well and why that is important.  We find time to laugh and that can be the thing that draws us closer. I have the best job, thank you for letting me be a part of your child’s life as their teacher.


God Bless.


 Mrs. Eileen Bonica