2nd Grade Newsletter

2nd grade Newsletter October 17 2014


This week we completed Chapter 2, recognizing that Jesus Christ gave us the church and that the Holy Spirit helps the church to continue to grow.  We reviewed the We Believe key statements and words from the Chapter.  We will have the Chapter 2 test on Tuesday.  We celebrated Mass on Wednesday with Father Edmund as our celebrant and prayed the Rosary on Thursday with our School Families.

Reading-Unit 1-Lesson 1.5 (continued)

We read a lot during the ITBS Testing and had our library books readily available when we finished various sections of the testing.  We were able to work some on our reading lesson, continuing to understand the comprehension skill Story Structure (setting, characters, and plot) and the comprehension strategy Visualize. Visualizing help readers “place” themselves in the story in order to better understand it.  In spelling and phonics, we continued our study of consonant blends (r, l, s) as well as our vocabulary strategy identifying base words with inflected endings (-ed, -ing) and the rules associated with adding those endings.  Our grammar lessons still focused on singular and plural nouns. We will continue to revisit these concepts all year long.  We will begin Unit 2, lesson 1.6 this coming week.  The new spelling words are at the end of this newsletter.


The math lessons this week included identifying, solving, and writing related addition and subtraction facts, using addition to check subtraction facts and taking the Test Preparation to check the children’s progress with the objectives of lessons 11-15 .

Saint Costumes

Good news!!!  Mrs. Gilbert has located the saint costumes that were misplaced during our school renovation.  I will put the costumes on display in the hall this Tuesday, October 21, 2014.  Please feel free to come by and see if there is anything that might work for your child’s saint costume.  I will leave them out all day.



10/20/14 M-F Red Ribbon Week

Monday – Wear Red Day

Tuesday – “Drugs are Old”- wear 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, or 80’s attire

Wednesday – “Be a Drug Free Rockstar”- wear sunglasses

Thursday – “Follow Your Dreams”- Pajama Day

Friday – To be determined

10/23/14 Thursday Team Day – Student’s may wear this year’s school team shirt to school with long jeans or their P.E. pants






Language Arts Volunteers begin helping in the classroom

6th Grade Bake Sale

All Saints Day Mass (noon dismissal)

11/10-15/14 M-F Scholastic Book Fair
11/12-14/14 W-F Parent/Teacher Conferences
11/17/14 M-F Student of the Week – Stephen





Team Day – Student’s may wear this year’s school team shirt to school with long jeans or their P.E. shirts

WASC Day – No School

11/24-28/14 M-F Thanksgiving Break



Unit 2.1 Spelling WordsCommon Final Blends High Frequency Words Target Vocabulary Words  
next   animals shaped  
end   bear branches  
camp   know pond  
sank   most beaks  
sing   myself deepest  
drink   second break  
hunt  she hang  
stand sleep winding  
long three    
stamp work