First Grade News 10-13-2014

                       Mrs. Bonica’s First Grade News

                             October 13-October 17


Talk about several miracles that demonstrate how much Jesus helped people. Jesus teaches us about love with The Great Commandment.


Concepts covered will be sums for numbers up to 12. Use flash cards to practice addition facts. Show how to use a number line to add and subtract.

Spelling Words:   Short o words

on     fox     not     dog     box     stop     rob     pop     cot     shot

seven    purple    look    here    of    log    dot    top    hot    ox


  1. Look at the dog hop on the box.
  2. The fox is in the sun.

Homework:        Monday/Wednesday: write words and sentences two times each.    Thursday: take a practice test, correct it, sign it and return in the folder.

Tuesdays: Math homework

Reading/Language Arts:    New and review sight words:

do    sing    find    no    funny    they    and    you    be     play    help    play    with    for    he    what    look    have    too.


Introduce the sound of short o as in the word octopus and practice decoding words containing the sound. Work with sentences using punctuation to help with fluency.  Learn to recognize and name verbs in a sentence and to determine the sequence of things in a story.

Read  “Curious George at School” as well as several leveled readers to encourage comprehension and good oral reading.

Language Arts:      “The Little Old Lady Who Wasn’t Afraid of Anything” Read and dramatize the story using props.

Social Studies:

Fire Prevention Month                    Christopher Columbus

Science: Pumpkins

This week Grades 2-8 will be taking the standardized test known as the ITBS test.

First Grade does not take these tests.