A Few Activities for Struggling Readers

By: Pam Marshall (M.Ed Education & certified in Literacy Instruction)

One of the most important things a parent can do is to read to their child. But simply reading to them isn’t enough.  When a child is struggling to read other strategies are needed.

If comprehension is a problem, make sure you ask plenty of questions as you read the story.  “How do you think the boy feels right now?  Look at his face.  Does he look sad or happy?”  This can help with understanding that pictures often give clues to what is going on in a story.

When shopping, point out words to your child.  Pick up a carton of orange juice and say, “What word do you think says juice?”

Give your child magazines and have them circle certain words like “and” and “the” every time they appear on a page.

Remember patience and understanding is critical.  If children feel you’re disappointed or think they aren’t trying hard enough, they’re likely to stop trying in your presence.  This can carry on to the classroom as well.