St. Mary’s Morning & After School Program

St. Mary’s Morning & After School Program

Visit us in Room 2 at Back to School Picnic night

Thursday August 28th, 2014

 Welcome to a new school year, we look forward to meeting you. Please visit our new room, meet our teachers and register for our program during Back to School Picnic night or visit St. Mary’ web page, click on Morning & Afternoon Program, print registration, attach your deposit and return to: “Morning & Afternoon Program Folder” located in school office Attn: Director Jessica Rodriguez .

Programs Start Date: Tuesday, September 2nd

First week of School are half days please bring a lunch from home, Pizza will only be offered on Friday September 5th

 Registration & Deposit DUE:  Friday, August 29th


Please make checks payable to St. Mary’s School or submit your credit card information to Morning & After School Program accountant. Your School tuition payments are separate from program tuition payments. Your Child must be registered to participate and we appreciate your cooperation.



St. Mary’s Morning & After School Program Staff

“Now we are ambassadors for Christ”    2 Corinthians 5:20


Welcome to St. Mary’s Morning & After School Programs


We offer an opportunity for your child to arrive early and stay late. We provide a safe, loving Christian environment where students improve their mental, social and emotional development. We offer monthly themes, lesson plans and activities for grades K-8 supporting both cognitive and spiritual growth.

Our staff facilitates experiences which encourages your student to problem solve and develop their individual character skills. Our morning and after school programs are based on three foundations: fruits of the spirit, a heart of service and obedience to Gods loving word. All projects and activities are built upon these three foundations and are designed to grow every child into the person God created them to be.

We encourage positive self-esteem:

  • Staff supports a child’s ability to develop self value and learn life virtues
  • Staff celebrates our student’s strengths and encourages their independence
  • Staff encourages students to build upon their individual strengths and skills

We encourage respect for all people and living things:

  • Staff encourages children to make good choices
  • Staff models good manners and positive attitudes
  • Staff requires students to have self control

We encourage the development of social skills and life skills:

  • Staff encourages students to problem solve and compromise
  • Staff encourages students to share their opinion and ideas
  • Staff helps children create a nightly homework completion plan

We build a sense of community:

  • Staff offers activities that encourage teamwork and cooperation
  • We believe that God calls us to be a village
  • Staff is committed to a Peace Building curriculum

We encourage students to take responsibility for their actions. Staff supports this by making sure consequences for miss-action are appropriate, timely, and known in advance. The teacher’s job is to teach the child to stop and think, to make appropriate choices, and to take responsibility for his/her actions.

Homework Policy: We encourage children in grades K-8th to take advantage of homework support, but we DO NOT require them to participate. Parents MUST follow up and assist their child in completing homework once they are home.

We appreciate your support and participation,

St. Mary’s Program Director & Staff