Kindergarten Student Supply List 2014-2015

Kindergarten Student Supply List 2014-2015

The following supplies will be needed the first day of school.  They may be needed to be replaced during the school year.

 Labeled with your child’s name:

2 Plastic folders with inside pockets on the bottom – no brads inside

1 LARGE (8 oz) Elmer’s White School Glue (no paste, or gel)

1 LARGE Elmer’s glue stick

1 pair of scissors (child size) – Fiskers are best

1 large plastic pencil box (approximately 7 1/2” x 5”- Not larger)

1 regular size beach towel or over sized bath towel

1 old adult size t-shirt ( for painting and messy play)

KinderMat Children’s Rest Mat – Target $19.99 (2x19x44″)

1 backpack, large enough to hold a lunch container, homework folder and sweater/sweatshirt.  (Your child needs to be able to open and close their backpack and lunch container on their own.)

1 gallon size Ziploc bag containing a change of uniform bottoms, underwear and socks (to be kept in cubby)


1 packages twistable crayons, pack of 24 – Staples brand are best

1 box of 8 or 16 Crayola (only) crayons, regular size

1 box of Crayola (only) eight pack thick markers, primary colors (no thin line)

2 large boxes of tissue

4 packages of baby wipes

1 package of sandwich Ziploc bags

1 package brown paper lunch bags (50 count minimum)

Boys:  1 package of Gallon Ziploc bags and 1 large container of hand sanitizer

Girls:  1 ream of pastel paper and 1 Roll of paper towels

Biography/small photo album of your child (approximately 10 pages in length). This does not need to be brought to school until your child is SUPERSTAR OF THE WEEK. This will be discussed on back- to-school night.

6 new toys (no more than $4.00 each – Dollar Tree) for our Treasure Box. You may make a $20.00 donation instead, if you wish. Please buy toys that your child would be happy to receive.