2014-2015 Grade 1 Student Supply List



School Supply List


Mrs. Bonica

First Grade

►One non-rolling backpack, labeled

►Three large boxes of tissues

►One roll of paper towels

►Three boxes of baby wipes

►Ten glue sticks, labeled

►One box gallon sized Ziploc bags

►One sandwich sized Ziploc bags

►Staples “Twistables” crayons, 25 pack, each labeled.  Keep inside plastic container

►Markers; 24 count, each one labeled, keep in plastic container

►Erasers: Staples has a 3-pack that looks like a pencil OR two pink bar erasers

►One 12 pack #2 pencils, sharpened and labeled

►One small pair of Fiskars for children, labeled

►One rosary in a case or bag

►Plastic supply box from Staples – about 6”x12”  (Not the big boxes, they must fit into the desks)

►Two 2-pocket plastic folders

►One yellow highlighter

►One large bottle of Elmer’s glue, labeled

►One ream of white copy paper

►Band Aids:  one box – assorted

►12” ruler – no soft plastic rulers.  Wood or hard plastic only.

►Journals – I will collect money for these in September and order them.

►When school starts I will send home a product number for colored copy paper from Staples


PLEASE LABEL EVERY item of clothing, lunch boxes and backpacks.  It will take time but is well worth it in the classroom


Thanks so much for getting this year off to a good start!

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