Week of 11/5

All Saints Day

I hope you all had a fun Halloween. The children were so well behaved yesterday, and I hope they had fun at our little Halloween party. Today, the second graders put on a wonderful All Saints Day Pageant. We can tell they practiced hard.

This week’s tests:

  • Math Test on Addition with and without regrouping on Wednesday.
  • Social Studies Test on Chapter 2 on Thursday.
  • Religion Test on Chapter 8 on Thursday
  • Spelling Test on List 8 on Friday
What we are learning:
  • Religion: King David (Ch. 8)
  • Math: reviewing addition (Ch. 2) and beginning subtraction (Ch. 3)
  • Science: ecosystems (Ch. 3A)
  • Social Studies: reviewing lanforms, geography, etc. (Ch. 2)
  • Phonics: blends and digraphs (Unit 3)
  • Spelling: verbs that end with -ing and -ed & spell irregular past tense verbs (List 8)
  • Reading: making inferences
  • English: nouns (Ch. 6)
  • Writing: single paragraphs with 5 sentences

Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

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