First Grade News

First Grade Blog-   March 3, 2014

Dear First Grade Parents,

We have had a great week!  With your help the children have been preparing and presenting their animal reports.  They are composed and act like they have been giving speeches to an audience all of their lives. Because they are so vested in their animal they have been able to read their reports like pros. I am so proud of all of them and it is a joy to see their development since September.

March is one of my favorite months in First Grade. We will celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in several ways. We will send a letter to the leprechauns and ask them to send us a batch of their finest leprechaun eggs. The children will take them home and leave them out in their bedroom on the night of March 16th to see what will happen. Last month we did some Chinese cooking and this month we will  make Irish Soda Bread.

In science we will talk about different kinds of weather and say a prayer of thanks that we don’t live on the east coast where it appears that spring won’t arrive until July!  Too much snow.

We will read a book about a little boy named “Flat Stanley”. He has had an amazing thing happen to him  and we will be sending Stanley to far- away places and see what new adventures that he will have there.

Wednesday March 5th will be Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent. Mass will be at 8 am with children wearing mass attire. They should bring PE clothes to change into. We will talk about the saddest time of our church calendar, when Jesus died on the cross so that we can all go to Heaven. We will make a Celtic Cross, a Stations of the Cross book and on Thursdays in Lent we will gather in church with our school families to say the rosary.

On Tuesday the children are looking forward to celebrating Dr. Seuss’ birthday. Parents or family members will come in to read their favorite Dr. Seuss book to the class.  We are reading Dr. Seuss books and doing a lot of rhyming, just like Dr. Seuss.

In math we will continue to work on place value and addition and subtraction facts through 20.  Remember, First in Math will really help with learning number facts and the children should spend some time each night or every few nights doing the program.

March should be a fun month!         God Bless.


Mrs. Eileen Bonica