Special Delivery

We had a special delivery in Kindergarten today!

Mrs. Gilbert brought a large box down that arrived via UPS in the front office addressed to “Miss Silady’s Kindergarten Class.”


We immediately noticed that there were holes in the box and the words “handle with care,” “open immediately,”  “fragile.”


We talked about what these words and phrases mean.

koala16We made predictions about what we thought was in the box.


We passed the box around to take a closer look.

koala4When we opened the box, we saw a letter.


We read the letter and were so excited to find our very own baby koala inside the box.  We brainstormed names for our baby koala and voted on our favorite name.


We would like to introduce you to our Kindergarten Class Pet, Ava.  koala19

We will be taking good care of her and writing about her nightly adventures in our Class Pet Journal.