Important December Events

We have some fun and exciting events during the month of December!

Tuesday – 12/10 Kindergarten Polar Express Day:  The students can wear their pajamas to school (with regular school shoes, of course!).  We will be celebrating the classic story by Chris Van Allsburg with lots of fun activities.

Monday — 12/16 Christmas Caroling Field Trip:  Wear red polo shirt with regular school uniform.  Pack your P.E. clothing/shoes to change into after the field trip.

Thursday – 12/19 Christmas Pageant:   You are invited to attend our Annual Christmas Pageant!  Send your child to school at the regular time.  We will be getting ready in our costumes (see dress code below).  The pageant starts at 10:30am in the Church.  When the pageant is over, we will meet back in the classroom to take the costumes off and then, you may take your child home for the day.  Extension will be open for children in need of afternoon care.

Christmas Pageant Dress Code (For Kinder and 1st Grade only):  The Kindergarteners and 1st Graders dress as angels.  We have the costumes here at school.  Please dress your child in clothing that would work underneath a white angel gown.

Here are some ideas:  a long-sleeved, plain, white turtleneck or a long-sleeved, plain, white shirt with khaki/light-color pants or a dress/skirt with white tights, etc.

If you do not have these on hand at home, it is not necessary to purchase them!  You can send your child in his/her St. Mary white polo shirt and uniform bottoms.

Also, keep in mind the shoes will be showing.  Please wear nice Church shoes.