We will remember…

As you all know, our dear friend Ubaldo has passed away. His funeral mass will be on Wednesday, October 9, at 10:00 A.M.

The students are to wear their white polos (regular Friday mass attire). Normally we have P.E. on Wednesdays, so this means that the 6th graders need to bring their P.E. clothes to change after the mass.

6th Grade Remembers…

When I started working St. Mary’s, Ubaldo made sure to check on me and make sure that I had everything I needed to have a wonderful day. Ubaldo allowed me to take a break during the day to speak in our beloved native language about our beloved México. I loved the stories he would share with me about his family. I will greatly miss my friend Ubaldo.

-Mrs. Martinez

Rejoice, for Ubaldo is now in a better place where he can no longer suffer.

-Ethan A.

We should all be happy because Ubaldo is with the Lord. We should all remember Ubaldo as a nice and fun person.

-Ariamna A.

Rejoice now because he is now peaceful in heaven with our Lord. He loved baseball and loved the Giants.

-Nathan B.

Ubaldo did whatever it took to be a good worker and to make our school clean.

-Brendan B.

I remember how he would always speak to us in Spanish and give us high fives. He will be missed.

-John C.

God loves you Ubaldo. I will never forget you even though I did not get to know you.

-Raya F.

“¿Que pasa calabaza?”

-Peter H.

Ubaldo was a super hardworking man. I always liked it when he would whistle or say “¿Que pasa?” He was very nice and hardworking. Everyone liked him.

-Justin H.

I remember Ubaldo always being nice to me. He was just straight-up awesome.

-Andrew K.

Ubaldo was a very funny and happy man. Whenever he walked by our classroom he would make me laugh. Ubaldo was a special man in our entire school’s heart.

-Caroline K.

I remember Ubaldo always being friendly and saying hello.

-Georgie Luiso

I remember how whenever Mr. Ubaldo came into our class in 5th grade, he would high five the boys and say, “What’s up?” in Spanish.

-Justine M.

“¿Que pasa calabaza?”

-Andrew M.

I remember Mr. Ubaldo because he would always say “¿Que pasa calabaza?”

-Solice N.

What I remember about Ubaldo is how he was really funny. He’d always make me laugh.

-Cecilia N.

What I remember most about Ubaldo is when he would always greet us by saying “¿Que pasa?”

-Cael P.

“Hey, Isaac ¿Que pasa?”

-Isaac R.

Ubaldo was nice, good hearted and loved working hard.

-Grace S.

Ubaldo whistled when he vacummed or when picking up the thrash.

-Jenna Rose S.

I remember Ubaldo was always happy and always whistled. He also kept everybody happy throughout the day because he was funny.

-Isabel S.

Ubaldo was always happy. He whistled while he worked and always said “¿Que pasa?”

-Jenna Marie S.

I knew Ubaldo couldn’t speak that much English, but he treated all of us like family. He is probably the nicest man I ever met. He would say “¿Que pasa?” which means “what’s up?” in English. He didn’t get paid too much, but he just loved his job.

-Matt S.

Ubaldo always gave high-5’s to us and he always said “Hi” to me.

-Eddie V.

What I remember most about Ubaldo is that he was always friendly to everyone. Even if he didn’t know you. Whenever you would walk by him, he would say hello to you and give you a high-five.

-Johnny V.

Ubaldo loved baseball and the Giants.

-Alec W.