First Grade News for September 16-September 20 , 2013

Hi Parents,

We are starting our spelling program and homework this week. Each Monday the children will receive 15-20 words to be practiced and learned for a test on Friday. Most of the words will be connected to a particular vowel sound that we are practicing. This week it is the “short a sound” which is the sound when A is the only vowel in a word, as in CAT.  I will give out the new words on a Monday and each night the children will need to practice the words TWO times each or do some other activity with the words such as illustrating them or making up a sentence with the words  and return the homework the next morning. On some nights the children will have to do other activities with the words. On  Friday mornings we will have a test on the words.

Spelling words and sentences for 9/16:  bag   an   at   can   ran   fan   ask   ant   wag      has   hand   lamp   tax   van   gas   Sentences:     An ant ran.         Dad has a bag.

READING LOGS: Beginning today the children will have a Reading Log to complete each night. As part of their homework they must read for 15 minutes or one book with you. The reading log is dated and you must write the name of the book and the number of pages read each night. This must be entered daily as I record it as part of their homework grade. Please do not enter it once a week or we will record that as not having done their homework each night. I will collect these reading logs from their folders on Monday mornings. They will be stapled to the inside cover of their folders and I am asking that they not be removed from there so you can enter this part of their homework each night. For now if your child is just beginning to read then you can read a book together but as soon as they are more confident I would like the book to be read by them. I feel that this is an imperative part of their reading success and I thank you ahead for your help at home and for your positive attitude with  this activity.

BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT  Wednesday September 18th at 6:00- Please try to come and I will be describing our first grade year and activities to all of you. I look forward to meeting with you that night !

FIRST GRADE BAKE SALE  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Wednesday     September 18th   Please remember to donate something that we can sell at our Bake Sale on Wednesday.  We can also use your help during the day to sell the goodies.  On Bake Sale days each child should bring some money so that they can purchase a snack for themselves for morning and afternoon recess. We will  put a baggie in their folder the night before so that we can remind you that it is a  Bake Sale day. Thanks so much for your help to make our Bake Sale a success.

Please email me with any questions or concerns that you have at any time. Have a great week!

Mrs. Eileen Bonica