September 9, 2013 First Grade News

Hi and welcome to our first FIRST GRADE BLOG.

Here are a few reminders of things to come this week and next:

Please return the PE note, signed, that was sent home by Mrs. Freitas.

Tuesday 9/10  – Picture Day

Behavior System: I use a system in class to encourage good behavior called the “Smiles”.  On  Monday each child receives 10 illustrated smiles on a piece of paper that we keep on their desks. If they follow all of our first grade rules they will keep all 10 “smiles” and can choose a gift from the gift box on Friday. If they have broken one or more of our rules involving behavior and self-control they will “lose” a smile and cannot choose a prize unless they earn it back by good behavior. On Friday I will send home the smile chart so you can see how your child is doing.

Parents have been asking me if they can help in any way and one way would be to donate little gifts (pencils, small trinkets, etc..) to be added to the prize box. Thanks so much!

SPELLING: We will begin our spelling program and spelling homework next Monday.

HOMEWORK: I will put homework to be completed the next day into the right side of the folder. Children will be given a math page or a handwriting page that they must complete that night and must return it in the folder the next day.


Back to School Night- Wednesday, September 18th.      Please plan to come to Back to School night as I will explain our curriculum and all of the things that you need to know about First Grade.


Wednesday Sept. 18th-                                      FIRST GRADE BAKE SALE  !!!!!!!!!       Our bake sale will be all day, and you will be getting more specific info about the specifics of the day. We are asking for donations of food, sweets and the like to sell on the day of the sale. We will also need some parent volunteers to work at the Bake Sale selling items to the rest of the children in the school.

Have a great week and God Bless.

Mrs. Eileen Bonica