Student Supply List 2013-2014

School Supply List


Mrs. Martinez

►Four pocket folders (Art, Music, Reading, Writing)

►Pack of six, small post-its

►Two pack of #2 pencils (24 count)

►Two pack of blue or black pens, non-click (12 count)

►Color ink pens for correcting

►Pencil cap erasers (12 count)

►Two large glue sticks or bottle of Elmer’s white glue



►Two large boxes of Kleenex for Homeroom

►One container of antibacterial wipes

►Markers, color pencils, or crayons

►Pencil pouch or box to store supplies

►Four packs of college rule lined paper

►Four composition notebooks, no spiral notebooks

►Two graph composition notebooks for Social Studies, Language Arts, Spanish,


►Two highlighter pens

►Protractor and compass

►Binder dividers (8 count)

►2” three ring binder

►One daily assignment book for homework, to be purchased at office or send $5.00 to receive from teacher – not optional

►Optional – Spanish/English Dictionary

►USB Drive – 16b or more – not optional


Rev. 5/6/13