Student Supply List 2013-2014

School Supply List

Miss Fedrick


►Two or three inch ring binder

►Five Dividers without pockets

►Two notebooks of graph paper (4 squares per inch)

►Two 5 section spiral notebooks

►USB Flash Drive

►One black sharpie

►One highlighter

►Crayons, markers, and colored pencils


►Pencil sharpener with a lid


►12 inch ruler

►Supply box/bag for supplies

►Pocket size dictionary and thesaurus

►Protractor and compass (used in the 4th quarter only)


          Two glue sticks

►two dry erase markers

►Four packs of 3×5 index cards

►Two boxes Kleenex

►Two containers of sanitizing wipes/Lysol-type wipes

►Two packs of college ruled paper

►Ball point pens (blue, black, red)

►Dozen #2 sharpened pencils

►One student planner purchased from the office – $5.00

►One roll paper towels

►Hand Sanitizer


No White Out

No Erasable Pens

No Mechanical Pencils