Student Supply List 2013-2014

School Supply List

Second Grade

Mr. Guy Hillila


►      One labeled backpack

►      Three large boxes of tissues

►      Two packages of baby wipes

►      Two large containers of disinfectant wipes

►      One handheld pencil sharpener – labeled

►      12″ and 6″ ruler with cm on reverse

►      One pair of scissors – Fiskars only – labeled

►      One highlighter

►      Two fine black Sharpie markers

►      One large plastic supply box

►      Two packages of sharpened No. 2 pencils (12 pack) TICONDEROGA ONLY

►      One large eraser

►      Three big Elmer’s glue sticks

►      One large bottle of Elmer’s glue

►      One package of twistable crayons (24 pack) – Staples or

Crayola only (Staples brand are best – please label each individual crayon

►      One package of Crayola markers (24 pack) individually labeled

►      One hard cover black and white composition book for a journal

►      Two 2-pocket folders

►      One Spiral Mead (Five Star) notebook with at least two pockets

►      One Rosary in a bag or case

►      One ream of multi-light colored computer paper

►      One student planner purchased from the office – $5.00


Please label every item!