FIRST GRADE NEWS June 10-14, 2013

Hello Parents,

First of all,  no spelling this  week and the only homework is to read each night.

Schedule for the week: Monday– full day, Tuesday-full day Wednesday– half day and eighth grade graduation Thursday– full day and Team Day ( this years team shirt)  Class ice cream party in the afternoon (details below)   Friday – Awards assembly 9:15 with final dismissal at 11:00.

EXTENSION:  THIS WEEK Extension will be available every morning of this week and every afternoon Monday-Thursday.      THERE IS NO EXTENSION AVAILABLE ON FRIDAY,  THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL !!!!

For our room clean-up please send in a cloth or rag so we can clean up a bit.

Please send in a brown grocery bag so that we can put in all their belongings  that don’t fit into their backpacks.

Tomorrow I will send home the animal projects.  Since some of them are large and your child may not be able to carry theirs you can pick them up after school on Tuesday or before school on WEDNESDAY or THURSDAY. (not Tuesday before school)  These projects were amazing and fantastic. I only hope that you enjoyed making them as much as we enjoyed seeing them!

AWARDS CEREMONY: Friday after the mass at 8 am we will have the Awards ceremony at 9:15.  I will be contacting you if your child will receive an award. I will bring the children back to the classroom for a quick goodbye and then you may take them.


I would like to do an ice cream sundae party for our end of the year celebration. I was originally going to ask parents to send in the things that we need but our wonderful classmom, Christy Wilkins has said that she would pick up the food for us. I am asking that each chilld send in $3.00 to cover the cost. We will get tubs of ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate and carmel syrup, assorted sprinkles, M&M’s, other candy, cherries, plastic bowls and spoons, napkins and juice in the box boxes. I think that this will be easier then collecting each of the items.We will do this in the afternoon on Thursday rather than Wednesday which I originally planned.

Please send the $3.00 in an envelope with your child’s name and the words “Class party” as soon as possible so we can get this going.   Thanks s much!

I just want to say thank you to all of you for a wonderful school year this year.  I love your children, their attitudes , their humor, their love of reading (they read so many books!) and all that we have shared together. First grade is such a great year to teach and I love that I get to be the one that they come running to with their stories, concerns and that “I can’t keep this inside me any more” burst of information that they want me to know every morning!  I don’t know why anyone would want to be anything other than a first grade teacher.  Please remember to have them read this summer so they don’t forget any of the skills  that they have worked so hard to learn. They should also go to second grade having memorized their number facts which is why I suggested flash cards. If your kids want to say “Hi” they can email me using the same email address that you use: .          I would love to hear from them. Have a great, restful, healthy summer and thanks again for giving me the opportunity to work with and get to know both you and your children. I am truly blessed to have Saint Mary School and the wonderful people that I get to know there.        God Bless you all.

Mrs. Eileen Bonica