First Grade News- May 28-MAY 31, 2013

Hi First Grade Parents,

Just a few notes for this week…..

SPELLING WORDS:   Color words and Number words;   red   orange   yellow     green    blue    purple    violet    black    white    colors    one   two    three    four    five    six    seven    eight    nine    ten   

Homework:  Tuesday- Write the spelling words two times each.  Wednesday- Pick 4 color words and four number words and write 8 sentences about them. Thursday- study for the test and do one math sheet.    TEST- FRIDAY



DANCE FEVER    Wednesday- May 29th-       There will be a program called “Dance Fever” containing performances by the 6th, 7th and 8th grade students along with a class performance by the third and the fifth graders from 1-3. on the field.

Please practice counting with money ( pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters at home.  We also are learning about telling time  so if you can find a clock that is not digital, please practice that with your child as well. We have talked about telling time by the hour and the half-hour as well as to count by fives for each number on the clock. Take any random opportunity to help your child get confidence with both of these areas at home. Thanks!

Summer practice-      First graders who don’t use what they have learned during the year may forget a lot over the summer.  Please urge your child to keep reading each day over the vacation.  They can also write a sentence or two in a journal. I have two great activity books that are from Scholastic that have an assortment of things to keep their minds active. I bought them at Costco last June and I think that some Costco’s still carry them. I will send the titles home so you can see them. They contain a little bit of everything and I really like them for keeping up their skills.

Scholastic Success With First Grade- $6.99     Costco # 668255

Scholastic Jumbo Reading and Math Workbook-  -$11.99     Costco- 665787

I have them at school if you would like to see them.

Have a great week!                                            Mrs. Bonica