First Grade News 5/20/13-5/24/13

Hi Parents,

Time for the News and the notes…

SPIRIT WEEK: You should have gotten a note about each day of Spirit Week in your child’s folder on Friday. Just a reminder that Monday is CRAZY HAT AND HAIR DAY.

BOOK FAIR: This will be held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

RECYCLED ANIMAL PROJECT:  Send in this week, please.

We have a few more “Flat Stanley” reports to finish

JOGGATHON:  Friday at 9 am  Children can change after mass on Friday. 12:00 dismissal

SPELLING WORDS:    boat    soap    road    goat    coat    toad    soak   loaf   coast    coach   another   funny   call   every   found    float    west    brother    oval    myself   Sentences: 1. The girl saw snow on the road.   2.  The coach said he was out.    3. We had to soak our feet after the hike.     *******SPELLING TEST ON THURSDAY******

HOMEWORK: Monday-  write words 3 times     Tuesday-  illustrate words        Wednesday: comprehension activity      THURSDAY:  math work