Week of 5/6

Updated: Tuesday, 5/7 at 1:05 PM


We had an excellent first week back together. I have missed your children very much. This will be our first full week together.

This weekend we hosted the Second Grade’s First Communion Reception. It went so well! I’d like to send out a big thank you to Mrs. Preston for arranging the whole thing & to all the families that helped in any way.

May is Mary’s Month. We will be honoring Mary at May Crowning on Tuesday, May 7th. As a reminder, this is a mandatory event. Please refer to the handbook if you have any questions. Please arrive no later than 6:45 PM. I will be stationed out by the tables near Kindergarten. Your child must check in with me at this time. I will send choir children to choir when, and the rest of the children will stay with me. At the end, your child must also check out with me before leaving, so I know everyone is safe! Students not present will be assigned a project to complete to make up the points they missed by not attending.

Lastly, please make sure that your child is studying his/her multiplication facts every night.

This week’s tests:
  • Religion Chapter 28 Test on Thursday
  • Science Chapter 3C Test on Friday Ch. 3C Study Guide
  • Spelling Test on List 28 on Friday
  • x8 and x9 Facts Test on Friday
What we are learning:
  • Religion: sacraments and their significance (Ch. 28)
  • Math: x8-10 facts & measurement and time (Ch. 8)
  • Science: energy (Ch. 3C)
  • Social Studies: local and state government (Ch. 8)
  • Phonics: synonyms, antonyms & homonyms (Unit 7)
  • Spelling: spell words with the long a & long e and short e sounds; spell words in -other, -ead, -eat & -ear families (List 28)
  • Reading: story elements
  • English: capitalization (Ch. 20)
  • Writing: friendly letters and thank you cards
Spelling Dictation Sentences:
  1. I heard Mother call out a friendly greeting early this morning.
  2. Measure some milk and break an egg into the bowl.
Helpful websites: