4-29-2013 – 5-3-2013 First Grade News

Hi Parents, SPELLING WORDS: LESSON 27:   rain   mail   pail   sail   wait   tail   snail   paint   main   about   car   only   should   because   brain   book   north   mother   father     SENTENCES:  1.  Mother wants to  mail a box.   2. She should wait for the rain to stop.    3.  Then she can go .

HOMEWORK:  Monday– Write the words 2 times each . Tuesday- Rhymes: write each spelling word and then make up a rhyme or it. eg: main-train    Wednesday:
Choose 5 of the words and make-up a “fill-in-the-blank” sentence for them. You will give your paper to someone else and they will have to fill in the right answer, You will check their work. Thursday:  Study for the test on Friday.

MAY CROWNING: May 7, 2013  at 7:15 in the evening.  Madatory.   First graders escort the eighth grade girls   to crown Mary.  Each first grader carries a rosary.

Flat Stanley due back by Friday and we will begin reading them next Monday.

I still need 4 report card covers returned.   Please keep keep the report card.

SCIENCE RECYCLING PROJECT The children will take home a paper describing this project on Monday.

FRIDAY 5/1/2013- 12:00 dismissal