First Grade News- April 22-26, 2013

SPELLING REVIEW WEEK WORDS:      lunch   glad   there   from   these   chin   ship   shoe   which   while   before   can’t   never   third   school   because   clock   please   friend   pretty   morning   teach   child        SENTENCES:   I had a drink in my lunch at school.      I can’t find my shoe.     My friend is never late because he has a clock.

HOMEWORK:     Monday- write words 3 times each, sentences three times each                          Tuesday: Illustrate the spelling words, do a math paper    Wednesday:  Write a paragraph with at least 5 sentences using as many spelling words as you can (underline them)                 Thursday- Do a word maze, study for the test on Friday.

SAFE ENVIRONMENT TALK- see sheet in Monday folder Also called “NO-GO-TELL” on Tuesday April 23th

Please return the report card envelopes, signed, and you may keep the actual report card. 

FLAT STANLEY reports due on Friday, May 3rd. Reports will begin on Monday May 6th.

MAY CROWNING- Tuesday May 7th

Kindergarten Bake Sale- Wednesday April 24th

We will learn about money and making change. Each child should bring in the following coins in a  container to practice with and to be returned at the end of the unit:

4 Quarters     10 Dimes    20 Nickels     25 pennies  Thank you!