4/8-4/12 First Grade News

Hi Parents,

I hope that everyone had a great vacation.  Here are a few things that you will need to know…

SPELLING WORDS: inch    chin    chip     chop    chess     lunch    ranch    beach    cheer   chick   long   soon   school   down   out   teach   child   church   sunny   branch            SENTENCES1.  We will work after we eat lunch.  2.  Some of the men on the ranch play chess.    3.  We may sit on the bench in the park.

Spelling Homework:   Monday– Practice three times each  Tuesday– Illustrate all words          Wednesday– Write a story using as many words as possible. It should have at least 5 sentences with correct capitals and punctuation.  Thursday- Study for the test and do a word activity.

FLAT STANLEY !!!!!-  It is time for Flat Stanley to be heading back to Escondido real soon.  We will begin our reports at the end of April. This week I will send home a letter that you can send to the person that you sent Flat Stanley to in case they need a reminder to send him back.  The children really enjoy sharing the adventures of F.S. and we will chart his trips on a map.

FRIDAY (4/12/2013) is a single-session WASC meeting day for the teachers. Extension will be open and we will have mass but no pizza lunch, of course.

Reminder: MAY CROWNING will be the first Tuesday in May on May 7th at 7:15. First Graders escort the eighth grade girls down the aisle in their Sunday best. It is a required activity for all St. Mary students. First Communion for the second graders is the Saturday before on May 4th at the 9 am mass in case you were interested in attending.

The third quarter ends on Friday, April 12th and report cards will be distributed on Friday, April 19th.

In math we will be working on concepts of telling time and money. Please practice these concepts at home informally with your children.  That will help a lot. I will be asking you to send in some real coins for the children to practice with and then we will return them back to you at the end of the unit.

Have a great week and God Bless.

Mrs. Bonica