Back in Communication

Hi 3rd Grade Parents!  Due to technical difficulties, I was out of communication last week.  Mrs. Johnston’s computer contracted a virus and the temporary replacement was subject to some Leprechaun mischief – that’s my theory, at least!  Some reminders for this week:

  • Food drive ends Tuesday.  Please have your child bring in donations if they haven’t already.
  • There will be a math chapter 7 test Tuesday.  There are three more lessons that we will cover after Easter Break, but none of that material is on the test.
  • This week we are working on 6x and 7x multiplication facts.  If your child is bringing home a yellow multiplication homework folder, it is because they have not yet mastered some or all of the following: 3x, 4x, or 5x.  Please help them study every night.
  • Vocab unit 9 test on Thursday.
  • We will not go to Mass on Friday, but school starts at 8:00, Stations of the Cross at 9:00, and dismissal at 10:00.  There is no extension on Friday.
  • Have a blessed Easter break!