First Grade News-March 11-15 2013

SPELLING WORDS:  plan   bring   print   drink   first   grass   free   clip   flap    plant   flag   plus   flat   club   friend   once   again   know   many   please   from   our   now   can’t     SENTENCES:  1. I know many things.      2. Please plan to bring a drink to school.

HOMEWORK:   Monday: write words 3 times each.    Tuesday:  Illustrate words  Wednesday:  Comprehension activity   Thursday:   Study for the test,   do a word search or crossword puzzle.

SAN DIEGO ZOO TRIP:  Our trip is on Tuesday, March 12th.  Children should come to class by 8:20 for bathroom breaks and chaperone assignments.   LUNCH is to be brought in a brown bag or plastic bags so it is disposable. Children should bring a couple of snacks and  extra juice or water. As per SMS policy they should not bring money for food or souvenirs nor should parents purchase these  for the children, to avoid hurt feelings.  They can bring cameras if they choose. Please apply sunscreen at home if you are not attending the trip.    As required by California law children must be in a booster seat so I am asking that you drop this off when you bring your child if they are in someone else’s car. I am not permitted to take any child without a booster seat not only for their safety but for insurance reasons.
FREE DRESS: The children may wear free dress and comfortable shoes to the zoo.

OBSERVATION AT THE ZOO: The children should observe their animal and take note of what it was doing, how it was interacting with other animals, whether it was eating, etc.. This can be a couple of sentences and should be on its’ own page in their report.

The reports are due on Thursday, March 14th and we will begin reading them on that day. Grading will be done with a rubric. I suggest that you use a large font so it is easy for your child to read. They should be practicing the oral reading of their report as that is part of their grade. I ask that you send a second copy of the oral report only so that I can help them if they need it. Thanks for all of your help with this report, I know that the children cannot do this alone. They are excited about their animals and I find this to be a great experience for them in terms of working on a project and giving a report in front of their classmates.

Reminder- On Friday  we have a WASC preparation teacher meeting all afternoon. It is a single session day for the students.

Please check the Gradelink site for your child’s progress at midpoint of the marking period.