First Grade News- March 4-8th, 2013

SPELLING-WEEK 22 Review Blend Words:    crop  crab    drum   free   grab   trip   from   bring   print   drink   first   again   never   around   once   train   grass   corn   friend                                                                                  

Sentences:  1. We had a free drink.   2. She will bring a drum.  3. I can print my first name.

Spelling Homework:  Monday: write words 3 times, sentences once.    Tuesday: Illustrate all words . Wednesday: Write 10 sentences.  Thursday: a written activity   and study for the test.

Please come to the classroom on Monday by 12:50 with your book (or one of ours). We will do this until 1:40 as that is when the children have PE. I will put you around the room and the children will rotate and try to hear as many stories as there is time for. That is why I asked that you choose a shorter book. Thanks!

ZOO TRIP: Thursday March 7th.  Please plan to have your child in school by 8:20 with a labeled lunch.   We will all leave St. Mary’s at the same time and then meet at the San Diego Zoo sign right in front so we can take a picture and all go in together.FREE DRESS: The children at St. Mary’s are having a “Jeans for Jesus” day on Thursday. Each child is allowed to wear jeans as long as they bring in $1.00 to be donated to the Missions.  LUNCH at the ZOO: Both parents and students should bring a brown bag lunch (no bottles) plus a couple of snacks for Thursday.  As per our Saint Mary school policy the children are not to bring money or make purchases of food or souvenirs at the zoo. This really goes a long way to avoid hurt feelings and save time for our chaperones.  OBSERVATION: I would suggest that you take care of doing the observations of the zoo animals as soon as you get to the zoo so that is out of the way. Remember there is a new baby panda on limited display so we can check that when we get to the zoo. The children can bring a little pad to write a few things that they see or take a picture if they bring a camera although that is not required. BOOSTER SEATS: As per California law the children MUST have a booster seat for the ride to the zoo. These can be brought when you drop off your child. I am not permitted to bring any child who is not in a booster seat and must leave them at school if they show up without one.  MISSING INFO:  Several people returned their zoo paperwork with something missing and I need this right away so I can finalize everything. Even if you are driving your own child I need to have car information on your car. A few people did not indicate whether they were livescanned and TB tested or not. I must also have the name of a person to call in an emergency. If you are missing something please look in your child’s folder tomorrow (Monday), fill in the missing information, and return it to me by Tuesday-3/5/2013.

I will send more info on paper in the folders but please read this blog as I will duplicate the info for you there.    Write to me with any questions that you have. Take care.

Eileen Bonica