First Grade News February 25, 2013

Hi Parents,

I will be sending the spelling homework for the week on Tuesday.                                      The new SPELLING WORDS are:

clip   club   clam   glad   flat   sled   plan   plus   blot   flap   can’t   know   our   many   now   play   clock   flag   please   plant

SENTENCES: 1. Our club made a blue flag.     2. We will plant a tree.    3. He will play on your yellow sled.

Spelling Homework:  Monday- Write words 3 times each, sentences 1X each    Tuesday-Illustrate the spelling words on the homework sheet in their folder         Wednesday- Make 10 sentence with spelling words      Thursday- Study for the test and do a Word Search.

This week: Permission slips and forms are due on Friday March 1. Friday is a single session day since it is First Friday.     Dinner Night Out at Rubio’s on Wed. night.

Our trip to the San Diego Zoo is next Thursday, March 7th and the reports will be due on Tuesday, March 12th.  Children will bring a brown bag lunch and a snack and may have free dress for the day. I will send more info on this through the folders.

The children should be working on their reports on their zoo animal at home. It should be short and it is best if it is typed in a large font. Please make two copies of the actual report that they read out loud  (not the pictures) so that I can have one copy to help them with the words if necessary. In school we are making a little story book and illustrating them  with the information that the children wrote on their homework papers last Wednesday night