Where is the Gingerbread Man?

We have received so much mail from our Gingerbread Man who escaped from my classroom in September!  We have been tracking his whereabouts on our map.  In the USA, the Gingerbread Man has been spotted in:

Maui, Lake Arrowhead, San Francisco,Virgina Beach, Riverside, University of Georgia, Monteray Bay, San Diego, Las Vegas, Georgia, New Hampshire, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virgina, Rhode Island, New York City, Washington D.C., the Grand Canyon, Illinois, Utah and Kansas to name a few.

He even took a trip to the White House and met our President.

The Gingerbread Man has been seen traveling around the world in:

Afghanistan, Iran, Egypt, Serbia, China, Canada, Ireland, London, England, Wales, Jerusalem, France, Korea, Japan, somewhere near the Sea of Galilee, Rome.

He has by far spent the most time in Afghanistan.  Aaron’s Dad, Captain Brown, has even spotted him and attempted to capture him!  Stay tuned for more updates.