Week of 2/18

lenten cross purple

There is no school on Monday, February 18th. School will resume on Tuesday, February 19th. Now that I am on maternity leave, Mrs. Solomon will take over. Please welcome her and introduce yourself. Do not hesitate to contact her with any questions or concerns. You can reach her at my e-mail address, , to schedule an appointment. Please remember that most communication must be done in person, and she can only answer very basic questions via e-mail.

I saw many of you at the auction last weekend. I hope you had fun!

Stations of the Cross began last week. We will attend Stations of the Cross every Thursday throughout Lent. If you would like to also attend, we go at 9:00 AM. The children sit with their school families, and you can sit on one of the sides.

Don’t forget to turn in those Box Tops to help the third grade out. The competition ends on Monday, February 25th! Box Top Collection Sheet

This week’s tests:

  • Religion Chapter 19 Test on Thursday
  • Spelling Test on List 19 on Friday
  • Vocabulary Unit 7 Test on Friday
What we are learning:
  • Religion: Jesus gives up His life for us (Ch. 19)
  • Math: long multiplication (Ch. 10)
  • Science: physical properties of matter (Ch. 1C)
  • Social Studies: African Americans & impact immigrants had on the United States (Ch. 6)
  • Phonics: vowel pairs, vowel digraphs, & diphthongs (Unit 5)
  • Spelling: spell words with short u sound, spell words with schwa sound & review words with long vowel sounds (List 19)
  • Reading: variety of strategies using three different books about substitute teachers
  • English: verbs (Ch. 9)
  • Writing: 5-sentence single paragraphs
Spelling Dictation Sentences:
  1. I’m too tired to read the book again.
  2. Does some of the money need to be given to Mother?
Helpful websites: