Week of 1/21

Kindergarten Information for 1/21-1/25

Letter of the Week:  Cc

Star Words: this, a

Beary Special:  Ashyln

Scientist of the Week: Roman

Monday 1/21– No School- Thank you, Dr. King, for your courage and determination to help make our world a place where all people are treated equally.

Tuesday 1/22

Music 10:30am (Stehly, G.)

Computers 11:20-12:15pm (Stehly, G. and Gomez)

Homework:  Martin Luther King, Jr. Writing Activity:  Color the picture on the front and copy the sentence inside with your best handwriting.  Read 10 minutes.

Wednesday 1/23– 6:30pm PTG Meeting in the Hall (for parents only)

Library 9:40-10:30am (Yuhas)

No Homework:  See you at the PTG meeting!

Thursday 1/24

Computers 9:40-10:30am (Gomez and Christie)

Homework:  Cc Activity (Please color) and Cc Sound Spelling Activity.  Read 10 minutes.

Friday 1/25– 7:50am Mass (Yuhas, Medina, Christie, Rivera)

Computers 10:30-11:30am (Liwag and Berggren)

12noon Dismissal