Week of 1/21

Updated: Tuesday, January 22nd at 9:15 AM
third grade

First and foremost, I would like to extend a big thank you to all the parents who volunteered and/or donated items for our bake sale last Wednesday. Because of you, our bake sale was a big success!

There is no school this Monday, January 21st, in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I hope you enjoy your three-day weekend! Don’t forget: timelines are due this Tuesday, January 22nd. The project was assigned and information was sent home back on Thursday, January 10th.

Grandparents’ Day RSVPs and money are due onWednesday, January 23rd. Please be sure to turn in your RSVP on time. There is also a PTG meeting that night at 6:30 PM. Please join us!

Our Open House is on Sunday, January 27th from 10 AM- 12 PM. Feel free to swing by the class to see your child’s work. Open House is a great marketing opportunity for our school. If you know someone who may be interested in coming to our school, please print out this flyer and pass it along! 🙂 Saint Mary Open House Flyer

Scholastic Book Orders are due on Friday, January 25th. You can order online at https://orders.scholastic.com/KCXJP.

As my due date approaches, I thought I would inform you that I am aiming to stay here for half of February. As of right now, my last day is scheduled for Friday, February 15th. That may change, but that is my target date for the time being. I will keep you posted as best as possible with any changes in my plans. I intend to return at the end of April.

This week’s tests:

  • Religion Chapter 15 Test on Friday
  • Spelling Test on List 15 on Friday
  • Vocabulary Test on Unit 5 on Friday
What we are learning:
  • Religion: the birth of Jesus Christ (Ch. 15)
  • Math: long multiplication (Ch. 10)
  • Science: the solar system (Ch. 2B)
  • Social Studies: St. Louis, why it grew, and how it helped build the U.S.
  • Phonics: endings for base words (Unit 4)
  • Spelling: spell words oy and oi, spell words with the initial digraph ch, & add endings –s, -es, -ed, & -ing to base words (List 15)
  • Reading: summarize
  • English: pronouns (Ch. 7)
  • Writing: single paragraphs with 5 sentences
Spelling Dictation Sentences:
  1. The boy joined his dad for a voyage across the sea.
  2. His choice was oysters and chocolate pudding for dinner.
Helpful websites: